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Line Nowhere's Goth/Industrial Community

25 years of Goth and still not dead yet...........

Line Nowhere
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Anybody , Moderated
:: Line Nowhere is a Goth web zine that started its life as a printed zine in the Philly area back in 1980. That is 25 years of being a source for Goth information. ::

:: This community is here for Line Nowhere, anything Goth & Industrial can get posted. ::
:: Ads for Goth/Industrial events & other are what we are looking for, but keep it short or put it behind a cut. ::
:: I am trying to get Goth clubs to start sending information like they once did. I posted this here to make it easy ::
:: April 2005 Line Nowhere is 25 years old, I am still an active Goth but I don't have time to waste so only clubs who send information will get listed & updated in Line Nowhere. ::
:: Don't care, fine, that is new in the Goth scene and a sad fact. Line Nowhere has only been around for 25 years to provide a place to post and get information for Goths by Goths for free. ::
:: See the journal line_nowhere for updates and other, this community is looking for club info spam, so post or don't. ::
80's music, a split second, acid jazz, alchemy, alien sex fiend, and one, anne rice, aphex twin, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, astral projection, autumn tears, bauhaus, beborn beton, bella morte, bigod 20, bigod20, bjork, bondage, building computers, c-tec, cameras, cd's, cemeteries, christian death, city living, claire voyant, clan of xymox, clubbing, clubs, cocteau twins, collide, corsets, covenant, cruxshadows, cubanate, cyber-tec project, cyberaktif, dancing, darkwave, das ich, dead can dance, death, death & destruction, decoded feedback, delerium, depeche mode, die form, die krupps, digital poodle, ebm, echo and the bunnymen, electric hellfire club, electro, electronic music, evil's toy, fiction 8, fictional, front 242, front line assemble, front line assembly, funker vogt, gary numan, goth, goth clubs, goth girls, goth music, goth rock, gothic, grave yards, graves, hair dye, hanzel und gretyl, harsh ebm, haujobb, industrial, industrial clubs, industrial mp3s, industrial music, jesus and mary chain, joy division, juno reactor, kervorkian death cycle, killing joke, kmfdm, kraftwerk, leaether strip, leather, legendary pink dots, liabach, line nowhere, london after midnight, mentallo & the fixer, metropolis records, ministry, mp3's, music, new order, nine inch nails, nitzer ebb, noise unit, philadelphia, philly, project pitchfork, projekt, ptp, rammstein, raves, records, revolting cocks, rocky horror picture show, shallow graves, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skulls, skulz, spikes, stenciled graffiti, suicide commando, swamp terrorists, switchblade symphony, synth pop, synthpop, techno, the church, the cocteau twins, the cruxshadows, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, the sisters of mercy, thethe, throbbing gristle, trance, unit 187, uranium 235, urban exploring, vampires, velvet acid christ, vinyl records, vnv nation, voivod, washington dc, wax trax records, wolfsheim, wumpscut, xorcist, zeromancer