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....please note :: The Richmond Goth Meet-up is on for March 16th @ 7pm ::

:: The next Richmond Goth Meet-up is just days away. So why did I post the April Goth Meet-up already? ....this is a Gathering, this is an invitation only event. If you are a member of the Richmond Goth Meet-up you must RSVP to get the address of the location emailed to you. This will be in the VCU area and is a BYOB event so this event is open to all. This is a private event, there will be music and more. The time is set @ 7pm but that might change as the April & May meet-up time will be the topic of the March meet-up. There can still be a Richmond Goth Meet-up on the normal date in April as well, if there are people who want that, and who will show up.

The goal is to get this off the ground and get people to show up. Also in the works is a Richmond Goth Meet-up @ Hollywood for a Goth weekend in the park. The meet-up location for May is open as is if the members would like to still meet on the “normal” day for April. There are locations we can meet at other than the Village or Good Taste. This is also open to both VCU & non-VCU students and others as well.

Goth, sorta Goth, or just looking into the Goth scene is ok, the Richmond Goth Meet-up isn’t some “Super Goth” event. Come as you are, we don’t require anyone to fit any silly stereotype. Come as you are from work, school or other and meet others in the Richmond area. So new to the Goth scene or Goth for 25+ years, all are welcome.

> Note :: The Richmond Goth Meet-up will be cleaning house. Some members are O-so Goth they are dead & don’t come out. The problem is their email is no good. All members who don’t have an active email or who don’t take part online or in person will be removed. The idea is to get out and meet-up. If you are not going to do this then why did you join? So if you are a member and would like to stay a member log in & log on to the message board, come out, and have some fun.
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