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:: Richmond Goth Meet-up ::

:: Ok it is official, I have taken over the Richmond Goth Meet-up. I was part of this in the past, when people came out. The person in charge was ok, but things changed and people stopped showing up and I got busy. So I left and did my thing. I went back, not to the Richmond group, but the Philly Goth Meet-up as I was looking to move there and thought it would be a way to meet people.

   So the Richmond Goth Meet-up is dead, gee isn't that just so "Goth". I am going to try to get it going, but if it's anything like the Richmond of the past 11 years, it will just fade away.

Ø      Richmond Goth Meet-up ~ Good Taste - Wednesday, 16 March 2005 @ 7pm

Ø      Why there? It’s easy to find, and I will be there for dinner so as I am sure none will show, I won’t be wasting my time.

Ø      What’s going to happen if people show up? Not much, the idea if anyone shows up is to meet & talk. I will be looking to make the Richmond Goth Meet-up and the old Gatherings one.

Ø      The Idea –

- Move the Richmond Goth Meet-up to a Friday or Saturday night.

- Make it a Gathering (BYOB) with music.

- Add other events like Meet-ups @ Hollywood or other places on weekends.

     - Try to get people to come out, meet, and have fun.

:: So if your in the Richmond area join the Richmond Goth Meet-up & come out. The second Goth Meet-up will be the first Gathering of 2005. Yes, I am sure this will go the way of Goth Prom 2002/03 but that's life in sux ass Richmond. The why in why people drive up to DC to do anything fun & Goth. ::

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